Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer 15KVA

Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizers

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Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer 15KVA is consist of isolation transformers, variable transformers, control circuit and sevo motor. When input voltage fluctuation happens, the control circuit will send signal to the sevo motor, and the sevo motor will be running and drive the carbon brush to move on the variable transformer, in this way, it can adjust the ratio of winding, consequently, it makes the output voltage in a stable level.


Input Voltage Three phase voltage(220v, 240v, 380v, 400v, 415v or 440v) ±20%~±45%
Input Voltage Range ±20%~±45%
Output Voltage Three phase voltage(220v, 240v, 380v, 400v, 415v or 440v)
Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Power 15KVA
Accuracy of Output Voltage 1%-5% (it can be customized)
Efficiency ≥98%
Response Speed ≤1.5S
Waveform Distortion No waveform distortion 
Protection Protection against overload, over voltage, over current, phase failure and phase sequence protection
Insulation Resistance ≥2MΩ
Electric Strength Testing under 2,000V 50/60Hz voltage for 1 min without breakdown or flash over.
Overload Capability Working normally for 1 minute under 2 times of rated current.

Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer 15KVA is widely used in industrial machinery, mining equipment,textile manufacturing machine, printing machine, petroleum and chemical machinary, communication equipment, medical devices, school and marketplace power supply equipment and so on.


Three Phase Servo Voltage Stabilizer 15KVA



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