Medical Isolation Transformer

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Model: Medical Isolation Transformer

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Medical Isolation Transformer is specially designed by our engineers to meet the safety requirement of medical devices. The primary winding and secondary winding of this transformer is isolated by insulation material, and it is secure for human body even there is leakage of electricity. Meanwhile, the medical isolation transformer has less noise and less electromagnetic radiation, and it is the best choice for hospitals, clinic and medical research center.

Medical examination equipment and treatment equipment, medical research equipment and other electrical devices in hospitals, clinic and medical research center.


Input Voltage Three phase 380V/Three phase 220V or Customization Output Voltage Customization
Noise ≤50dB Temperature Raise ≤50℃(in -25-45℃ environment)
Cooling Air Cooling Winding Material Pure Copper
Insulation Grade F/H(can be customized) Efficiency ≥98%
Insulation Resistance ≥150MΩ Impedance Voltage ≤4%
Structure Vertical Service Life 30 years
Core Type EI Type Core Material Cold Rolled Silicon Steel Sheet
Altitude Requirement ≤2000M Output Voltage Accuracy ±1%
Overload Capacity 1.2 times of rated power Waveform Distortion Distortionless
Working Temperature -25-45℃ Working Humidity ≤95% Relative Humidity


Medical Isolation Transformer


Input Voltage


Output Voltage




Rated Power

500VA 1KVA 1.5KVA 2KVA 3KVA 5KVA 8KVA 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 25KVA 30KVA 40KVA 50KVA 60KVA 100KVA 150KVA 200KVA 300KVA



Output Voltage Accuracy


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