Toroidal Transformer for Audio Amplifiers

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Model: Toroidal transformer for audio amplifiers

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Transformers are playing an important role in audio amplifiers performance, and they directly affect the noise on the devices. A good transformer for audio amplifier must have weldless core, neatly arranged and compact winding and high efficiency.

Toroidal Transformer for Audio Amplifiers Features:

1. Weldless cold rolled silicon steel core;

2. Low noise;

3. High efficiency;

4. Easy to install;

5. Customized size, power and voltage.

Toroidal Transformer for Audio Amplifiers Pictures:

Toroidal Transformer for Audio Amplifiers Specifications:

Efficiency ≥98% Core Weldless cold rolled silicon steel core
Coil Copper wire Frequency 50/60Hz
Type Dry type Cooling Air cooling

Regular power and size:

Power Size(mm* mm) Baseplate(mm) Hole Distance(mm) Weight(kg)
30W 83*36 85*85 70*70 0.75
50W 85*46 85*85 70*70 0.87
80W 88*44 85*85 70*70 1.15
100W 103*47 100*100 86*86 1.6
150W 112*47 110*110 96*96 2.15
200W 115*53 110*110 96*96 2.65
250W 118*57 110*110 96*96 2.9
300W 123*57 110*110 107*107 3.4
350W 125*63 120*120 107*107 3.6
400W 133*58 120*120 120*120 4.1
500W 143*60 140*140 126*126 4.8
600W 153*58 140*140 138*138 5.5
800W 154*67 150*150 138*138 6.4
1000W 160*75 150*150 168*168 7.5
1500W 178*70 180*180 168*168 9.6
2000W 210*80 200*200 187*186 13.5
3000W 220*95 200*200 187*186 18

Our toroidal transformer for audio amplifiers is specially designed, and it has been used by a lot of audio amplifiers manufacturers. Below shows how our toroidal transformer is used in audio amplifier.

transformer in audio amplifier


Weldless cold rolled silicon steel core


Copper wire





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