Chinese game designer offers away free adult games which will make individuals remain house during Wuhan virus outbreak

They are giving out 200,000 copies.

Julia Yeo | February 5, 08:08 pm


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The novel coronavirus outbreak that were only available in Wuhan was declared a global wellness crisis, having led to almost 500 fatalities and much more than 20,000 infected.

Some are coming up with creative ways to contribute to the fight against the viral outbreak while it has brought out the best and worst of humanity.

Game developer motivating visitors to stay at home by providing adult that is away free

Because of the outbreak of infection distributing quickly, the Chinese federal government has suggested individuals, particularly in Wuhan, to keep at home to prevent getting into experience of other people harbouring herpes.

Chinese gaming developer Kagami Functions is providing to offer away 200,000 copies of the game to encourage visitors to remain inside, by giving them a type of activity.

The catch? It is possible to only play it if you’re 18 and above (technically).

The video game, Mirror, which is an anime-style adult game with instead scantily-clad girls, is most likely the video video gaming industry’s first major contribution towards the battle from the coronavirus outbreak.

Besides motivating individuals to remain inside, Kagami Functions has additionally done its component in getting visitors to clean their fingers.

Check out of this marketing art from the overall game:

The developer added an update announcing their efforts to combat the viral outbreak on the game’s Steam page

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