Tinder Research Shows Numerous Men Are Particular Excellent

My favorite girlfriends and that I get a private zynga collection exactly where we trade Tinder horror stories. And we’re maybe not truly the only kinds.

Females from all over the web submit to ByeFelipe, an Instagram accounts more than 300,000 followers that refers to out males just who transform hostile the moment they obtain rejected or dismissed.

All of us listen these scary tales at all times. Just how popular will this be kind of tendencies? Most people thought to uncover.

Therefore we constructed a Tinder robot making use of images from your good friend Lisa earning (Chief Executive Officer of HeTexted).

The robot right-swiped on 1,000 kinds of men in san francisco bay area and another 1,000 in new york.

Over 1000 guys messaged Lisa. Since this was a robot instead in fact the, none with the dudes gotten any answers. We had been reluctant they’d be inhospitable after becoming disregarded, like we’d enjoyed on ByeFelipe so many times before.

Off 1,007 guy whom messaged Lisa, the amount of might you guess turned hostile?

Over 1000 men messaged her and happened to be avoided. Instead of just one switched dangerous.

That’s pretty amazing.

Most people who messaged the woman ended up being helpful and well intentioned. Yes, there seemed to be teasing, folks who were straight forward concerning their intent to connect, and plenty of terrible collection lines. But nobody become aggressive or resorted to name-calling. Read More